The Timeout!

He shoots! He Scores! A new spoken word program has arrived on CJSR. It's the Timeout — a sports show that colours outside the lines. Each Wednesday from 5-5:30pm Kyle Muzyka and Paul Gazzola will team up to talk about the bigger issues in professional and amateur athletics in Canada

Heavenly Rollers

Few sports are as dangerous and as beloved as the sport of roller derby, one that's popular inside the United States.

In Canada, and in Edmonton, the sport is just starting to gain notoriety, with a league starting in Edmonton in 2005 and a team starting in St. Albert in 2010. This week, the Timeout speaks to Celeste Thiesen and Leanne Johnson, two players from the Heavenly Rollers derby league, about the sport, its future, and why the players love it so much.


TWith a 10-game winning streak so far this season, Edmonton's professional lacrosse team has broken records, and they show no signs of slowing down. The Timeout speaks with Rush defender and U of A student John Lintz about the season so far, and the upcoming game on Friday, March 21st, against the Buffalo Bandits. We talk dodgeball, Shazam, and lacrosse all on this week's episode of he Timeout!

A Green and Gold Playoff Run

The playoffs are an entirely different animal. With the University of Alberta's women's basketball team heading into the playoffs this week, Kyle and Paul speak with head coach of the Pandas Scott Edwards and post Andria Carlyon. They discuss their impeccable 19-game winning streak, and the satisfaction they will receive, defeating a team from Kamloops this weekend. All on this week's episode of The Timeout!


5 seconds on the clock. Third period. It's a tie game. Break away. It's just you and the goalie now. Final shot to win Lord Stanley's Cup. Are you going to crack, or rise to the occasion?

On this week's episode of The Timeout, coaches, athletes, and a sports psychologist discuss the double edged sword of pressure in sports.

Advanced Analytics with David Staples

What makes a good hockey player? Is it how many pucks they can put in the back of the net? Their commitment to the team? Their defensive abilities? How about their presence on the ice?

With so many variables, in recent years hockey pundits and analysts alike are turning to advanced statistics to determine whether or not an athlete is earning his keep on the ice. Gone are the days of judging somebody purely on their plus-minus averages. Today, it's all about PDO's TORT's, CORSI's and FENWICK's.

This week's episode of The Timeout dives into the burgeoning field of Advanced Analytics featuring an interview with Edmonton Journal columnist David Staples

Grant MacEwan's Griffins Enter The Big Leagues

Half eagle, half lion...'nuff said. This fall Grant MacEwan University Griffins were granted probationary status in the Canada West Universities Athletic Association. On this episode of The Timeout, your intrepid hosts Kyle and Paul analyze what that means for the future of not only varsity athletics at MacEwan, but the reputation of the school as a whole.