Wasting Sea-Stars and Maude Barlow's Future

It’s a wet and wild episode on this week’s Terra Informa. West Coast correspondent Melati Kaye brings us a ghoulish story about a precious ocean creature that is—literally—disappearing before our very eyes. From such dark waters we’ll drift into the murky depths of resource wars, privatization and other contentious issues of water security. Fortunately, our guide is crystal clear: prolific author and Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow.

Stories of Oil and Organics

On Terra Informa this week, we will dive into a raw milk story following Richard Griebel and Kathy Charpentier in Castor, Alberta. Next, we will transfer to Bloomfield to listen to Michelle Lutz’s story of her organic farming with a hospital in Michigan! Finally, we will travel with Mika Minio-Paluello to explore a special oil road, along with stories of repressive governments, secret police, Canadian attack helicopters, and more.

Nature on the Brink

Terra Informa this week,we look at stories of nature on the edge. From the Yasuni ITT in Ecuador and the failing fight to keep it protected from developers, to two stories from our archives. One on the Banff Spring Snail; an endangered species, and the other on the idea of ‘just sustainability’ and how a necessary shift in our perspective on what it means to be sustainable may include a cultural shift.

You'd Better Believe It's Still Summer

Up here in Edmonton, it’s sometimes hard to remember that summer officially lasts until the end of September. So, to keep the heady heat of summer fresh in our minds, this week we’re having a small celebration of the outdoors. We’ll sip beers on Edmonton’s street-side patios, and listen to birds in the hot, dry BC interior. All that and a little more on this it’s-still-summer-edition of Terra Informa.

There's Something in the Water

This week’s show is the Terra Informa exclusive about the CNRL oil spill in Cold Lake, Alberta. Terra Informa’s own Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, Trevor Chow-Fraser, and Nikki Wiart spoke to residents of this town and First Nation near the Saskatchewan border. You’ll hear their personal opinions and experiences surrounding the pollution Cold Lake waters experienced this summer. Residents are speaking out about the destruction of Canadian wildlife as well as the lands their families have inhabited for years.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Act Three

In a show recorded before a live audience, Terra Informa brings you stories of spirituality and the way it shapes our attitudes to the natural world. Act Three takes us through hallucinogens and hanging off cliffs – the physical extremes we’ll endure to have a spiritual experience with nature. This special episode was recorded live at Edmonton’s St. John’s Institute.


Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Act Two

In a show recorded before a live audience, Terra Informa brings you stories of spirituality and the way it shapes our attitudes to the natural world. Act Two brings you poetry about Alberta’s landscape and history from Edmonton-based poet Gary Lee, plus stories about faith and our environment from the audience, and another song from singer-songwriter Sierra Jamerson. Tune in next week for the final act, recorded live at Edmonton’s St. John’s Institute.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Act One

In a show recorded before a live audience, Terra Informa brings you stories of spirtuality and the way it shapes our attitudes to the natural world. Act One features two intimate and thought provoking segments. First, a singer-songwriter whose connection to BC’s Sacred Headwaters put her family at the heart of a major confrontation. Second, an interview with one of the world’s leading naturalists who grew up in the Bible Belt, but now lives in Ecuador.

Thank you to the St. John’s Institute of Edmonton for hosting this special night of live radio.

Terra Informa at Night

This week, a re-broadcast of  one of our favourite episodes: Terra Informa at night! Listen in for stories about light pollution and sustainable lighting, life on other planets and night photography, plus the beauty of wandering outside at night. We recorded this on-site last November, outside the Telus World of Science Observatory, and the Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium in Coronation Park, Edmonton, Alberta.

Breakthroughs and Setbacks

This week on Terra Informa, a breakthrough in saving wildlife, and a setback for boosting green energy. Matt Hirji explains how 80′s rock has helped one researcher trying to bring back disappearing seabirds called petrels. Then, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips and Alyssa Hindle explain how Ontario’s Green Energy Act helped an engineer in Windsor start manufacturing solar panels after he lost his job with Ford, and why the province is being forced to scrap that part of the law.


Floods, Warnings, and Exciting Proteins

Calgary has been in the news lately after it’s disastrous floods, and a couple of our contributors happened to be caught up in the chaos. Then we’ll be hearing about ‘climate change warning labels’ and what they could do to change perceptions on climate change, and then about a newly developed source of food in ‘plant-based eggs’, a type of egg made of plant protein that tastes “kind of herby”.

Strange Territories

Welcome to this week’s episode of TerraInforma, where we’re going to walk into strange territories. First with James Balog, someone who has journeyed to the ends of the earth seeking to capture the ends of ice, and then with an inner city garden project called the “Living Bridge”.

We’re also pretty excited about a recent award the show received for a TerraInforma documentary, Rough Waters and Divided Valleys, so we’re going to talk to a couple of the producers on their experiences making the piece, as they followed the proposed route of the Northern Gateway pipeline.


How We Live

This week on Terra Informa, we’re taking a look at how environmental issues cut close to the way people live; how we travel, how we eat, and how big issues like climate change affect us in our day-to-day lives.

Edmonton’s annual Bikeology festival is a way for Edmontonians to make a connection and a change with the city’s cycling community. We also dive deep into Ecuador to explore the hurdles of nature being a legal entity, and also the term “Just Sustainability” and what it means for us as individuals concerned about social justice and sustainability.

Catastrophes and Cures

This week on Terra Informa, we’re bouncing across Canada and around the world. We’re taking a trip across Canada with WWOOFer David Laing to learn about his experiences volunteering on organic farms. We’re also heading over to Iran to learn about the slow death of the vital Lake Urmia and what it means for the region. Also, Dr. Jessamyn Manson of the University of Alberta sheds some light on why bee populations face such an intense population decline