Winnipeg: Home to Canada's largest urban Aboriginal population (Part II)

Today on Rise Up!, we bring Part 2 of an interview with Robert Falcon-Ouellette, Program Director for the Aboriginal Focus Programs at University of Manitoba and a mayoral candidate in Winnipeg. He talks about challenging stereotypes and shares his vision for a better Winnipeg - home to the largest urban Aboriginal population in Canada and also a significant immigrant population - should he become the city's next mayor.

Bearing Witness to the Oil Sands Project

Rise Up! chats with Eli Pivnick and Bruce Sinclair about the Bearing Witness to the Oil Sands Project in advance of the trip which took place Aug. 8-19.

Bearing Witness to the Oil Sands Project is a multimedia tour by canoe which allowed participants to explore the conditions of the Athabasca River and Lake Athabasca between Fort McMurray and Fort Chipewyan. Eli Pivnick is the project organizer as well as an entomologist and wilderness guide and Bruce Sinclair, a participant during the trip in 2013 shares his experience from an Aboriginal perspective.

For updates on this project, visit:

Teaching youth about anti-oppression

On today's show, we bring you the second half of an interview with Yazmin Juarez and Juliana Cortes, Coordinators of the Youth & Young Adult Mentorship Programs at Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton, about an Immigrant & Refugee Youth Empowerment Program their organization along with Council for Refugees Youth Network Edmonton is delivering this summer for youth to learn about anti-oppression practices.

Temporary Foreign Worker Moratorium

There are currently 70,000 Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta that work in various sectors, including the food industry. On April 24, the federal government announced a moratorium on temporary foreign workers in the food industry. On this episode of Rise Up!, we interview Marco Luciano, Secretary General of Migrante Canada and a coordinator of the Alberta Chapter, to further discuss the moratorium placed on temporary foreign workers in the food industry and future directions. 

In addition, check out this link that petitions Minister Jason Kenney to exclude temporary foreign workers who are already in Canada from the moratorium. 

Edmonton's Greenpeace Chapter

Today's episode features an interview with Katrina, Nicole and Chris-Ann, members of Edmonton's Greenpeace Chapter about the upcoming Greenpeace events including the Tar Sands Action Camp at Camp Meywasi, Lake Wabamun. This is a three day event for both the seasoned veteran and the person just hoping to get started, while meeting new like-minded folks and learning different strategies for getting engaged. The camp is happening from June 6th – June 8th. A bus will take participants from Edmonton to the camp and back. Contact for more information. 

Reflecting on Truth and Reconciliation (Part II)

In the weeks that have followed the Truth and Reconciliation's Alberta National Event — the seventh and final gathering dedicated to assessing the legacy of residential schools in Canada — we've had plenty of time to reflect on the path towards healing.

On this episode a group of Rise Up producers reflect on the what they learned about the impact of residential schools by attending the TRC's Alberta National Event and speaking to residential school survivors.