Racial profiling within the police system

Today, we further explore the Michael Brown shooting case by speaking with Lucas Sorenson, an American resident who has been closely following this case; He'll be giving some perspective of public opinion along with issues of racial profiling by police south of the border.

We also spoke with local artist Ahmed Knowmadic, who participated in the recent Protest for Justice for Mike Brown & Injustices Caused by Racism about racial profiling within the police system.

Through My Eyes: Youth homelessness in Edmonton

This week on Rise Up! we'll be learning more about youth homelessness in Edmonton from a youth who has experienced it first hand - we spoke with Melissa Bigstone, one of the youth in the documentary film Through My Eyes, in advance of the film premiere.

For more info about Through My Eyes, visit: http://www.edmonton.ca/attractions_events/schedule_festivals_events/through-my-eyes-film-screening.aspx

Dadaab Refugee Camp (Pt. 2); Tar Sands Healing Walk & People's Social Forum

This week, we continue to speak with Dama Diriye, a Somali-born Edmontonian about the changes in Dadaab, the largest refugee camp, after returning there in late 2013.

Following that, we chat with Victoria Guzman, a participant in two activist events, the Tar Sands Healing Walk which took place June 27-29 in Fort McMurray, as well as the Peoples' Social Forum in Ottawa which took place from Aug. 21-24. She'll be sharing with us her experiences of having attended both events and important lessons learned.