Burlesque Assassins, Truth or Dare

This week your intrepid host brings you some leftovers. Moving Radio brings you part two of an interview with Jessica Cameron, director of the newly minted film Truth or Dare.

But first, a revisiting of an 2012 interview with Jonathan Joffe, director of the film Burlesque Assassins that is screening this weekend at the Metro Cinema.

That, and much, much more, on this episode of Moving Radio.


The Sixties Cinema of Seijun Suzuki

He's been called brilliant, subversive, an auteur, and sometimes incomprehensible. Known for his jarring visual style and irreverent humour, Seijun Suzuki, is perhaps the greatest B movie director ever in Japan. Your intrepid host speaks with the curators of a screening event dedicated to Suzuki's work.

That, and much, much more, on this episode of Moving Radio.


Moving Radio — March 1st, 2013

This week's episode of Moving Radio focuses its attention to the 2013 Global Visions Film Festival. Your fearless host, Christian Zyp, speaks with Canadian music legend and film producer Bernie Finkelstein about a film on Bruce Cockburn that is being screened at Global Visions.

But that's not all! In the second half of the program Julian T. Pinder speaks about his film, Trouble in the Peace, that is also being screened at GVFF 2013.