Thank you from the Homelessness Marathon!

Check out the highlights from the 2014 NCRA Homelessness Radio Marathon: 14 excellent hours of programming condensed into 14 minutes!   And if you want to hear more, full archives are available here

Thank you to our fellow National Campus and Community Association network, all the stations across Canada who hosted segments, provided content, and re-broadcasted the marathon from coast to coast to coast.

A big thank you to the staff and volunteers of CJSR. Your hard work not only made this marathon possible, but also a lot of fun – thank you!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who participated in the marathon by sharing their story on air. Over the course of the night, we have heard a number of voices from nearly every corner in Canada. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and perspectives. We hope that this marathon sparks a dialogue in your communities. 

Street Bytes: The Women's Emergency Accommodation Centre


The Women's Emergency Accommodation Centre, or WEAC, is a secure, supervised shelter facility in Edmonton that provides free rooms, meals and clothing to women in need.  In this episode, Patti, a social work student, interviews Mandie Dening, the program manager at WEAC, about what it takes to run such a shelter in the city and what kinds of challenges they face everyday.  Learn more about WEAC at  


Street Bytes: Interview with Philip Mangano

In this episode of CJSR's Street Bytes, we interview Philip Mangano, former Bush Administration Executive Director for the U.S. Interagency Council to End Homelessness, about the philosophies behind the "10 year plan to end homelessness" that has been adopted in cities across the United States and Canada including Edmonton.

To find out more, check out: 


Street Bytes: The Foyer Project

 September 6, 2013 marked the launch of the Foyer Project in Edmonton.  The Foyer project is a unique approach to youth homelessness that attempts to build up the capacity for successful independent living through specialized programming at scattered site and short-term supportive housing projects.  

We spoke to Dr. Stephen Gaetz, Director of the Homelessness Research Network at York University, and Susan McGee, the CEO of Homeward Trust Edmonton about youth homelessness in Edmonton.  

Listen to the Dr. Gaetz's entire presentation here:

Followed by the panel discussion:   

For more information on the Foyer Project and Homeward Trust Edmonton, check out

For your one-stop for any and all research to do with homelessness, check out Dr. Gaetz's Homeless Hub at   

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