Posters! Stump Speeches! Kissing Babies! It's the 2013 University of Alberta Students' Union Executive Election!

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the political rhetoric? Can't decide who to vote for? Well, CJSR's State Of The Union podcast is here to help. Before campaign trail got into full swing, CJSR FM 88 partnered up with The Gateway student newspaper and sat down with each candidate to learn a little bit more about them and their platforms.
So listen on!
All Hail Democracy!

Candidates for Students' Union President:

Horse With A Gun:

Saadiq Sumar:

Petros Kusmu

Anthony Goertz: Repeated requests for an interview were denied. 

Candidates for Vice President (Academic)

Dustin Chelen:

Candidates for Vice President: (External)

Adam Woods:

Candidates for Vice President (Operations and Finance)

Josh Le:

Candidates for Vice President (Student Life)

William Lau:

Kevin Smith:

Candidates for Board of Governors Representative

Brent Kelly: