Moving On

Moving on from the security of university life can be an intimidating and emotional experience—so here at The Gateway Presents we talked to some University of Alberta students who are currently going through change in their University lives.

Katherine Speur, Multimedia Editor at The Gateway, sits down with other staff of her fine newspaper: Andrew Jeffrey, Alana Willerton and Andrea Ross.

Then, the president of the Student’s Union, Petros Kusmu, discusses the valuable experiences he's gained from being a student at the University of Alberta.


This week on The Gateway Presents, we talk to Gateway writer, Billy-Ray Belcourt, about his feature from the January 29th issue of The Gateway on indigenous feminism.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we talk to vice president external of the Married Student Association, Taylor Williams, about the events and support available through this distinct organization.

Then, Dr. Matt Johnson, Assistant Professor in the U of A’s Department of Human Ecology, tells us a bit about his research on intimate relationships.

International Week 2014

This week on The Gateway Presents, we talk to The Gateway’s Editor-in-Chief, Andrew Jeffrey, about his feature from the January 15th issue on youth homelessness.

We also discuss the upcoming 2014 International Week happening from January 27 to February 1st at the University of Alberta. Nancy Hannemann, Director of U of A’s Global Education talks about the history and importance of International Week.

Then, David Kahane, Professor in the U of A’s Department of Political Science, tells us about his upcoming presentation on citizen participation and local food.

Student Press at the University of Alberta

This week The Gateway Presents... A closer look at the operations, identities, and journalistic styles of student press at the University of Alberta. First, how does The Gateway manage to produce such a great newspaper every week? Then, we learn more about three other publications at the U of A: The Wanderer OnlineYouAlberta, and The Vanguard Journal!

The Gateway Presents... Clubs and Coping

School's Back FROM Summer! And The Gateway Student Newspaper is back too with another season of The Gateway Presents... This week's episode is all about back to school; How to make the most of your undergraduate experience, and how to make sure school doesn't chew you up.

Dr. Wendy Doughty gives us tips about how to cope with the inherent stresses of school. Then we travel to the University of Alberta Clubs Fair to find the student group that's right for you. Finally, University of Alberta Students' Union President Petros Kusmu re-enacts his President's Address that he delivered at Orientation 2013.

The Gateway Presents... A Year In Review

From the notorious HUB Mall tragedy to the inaugural campus musical, The Gateway student newspaper covered it all at the University of Alberta this year. They even partnered up with Edmonton's community radio station, CJSR FM 88.5, and started a radio show. This episode of 'The Gateway Presents...' brings together a group of the paper's editors to talk about the year that was. 

The Gateway Presents... A Stairway to Heaven

With Easter rapidly approaching, 'The Gateway Presents...' asks Steven Kent, a leading expert in religious sociology, an age old question: What is the difference between a cult and a religion?

Then in the second part of the program, Alberta's Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) used provide great summer jobs for undergraduate student's that needed money to continue their studies in the fall. What will it mean for students now that the program has been suspended?

The Gateway Presents.... Budgets and Binges

Will March 7th, 2013 be remembered as a day that marked the undoing of university education in Alberta? This episode of 'The Gateway Presents...' offers a variety of perspectives on the implications of the provincial budgets cuts in for post-secondary education in Alberta, including an interview with a news editor who was at ground zero when the provincial budget was released.

Then, with St. Patrick's Day rapidly approaching, Dr. Donna warns against the perils of binge drinking

The Gateway Presents... Students' Union Elections and Voter Apathy

The 2013 University of Alberta Students' Union Executive Elections are only two days into the campaign trail. Are you already tired of all the mud-slinging, baby-kissing and political rhetoric?

This week's 'Gateway Presents...' investigates why voter turnout has been so abysmal at the during student elections in recent years at the University of Alberta, while questioning the implications of voter apathy amongst young people as a whole for democracy in Canada.