Family denied permanent Canadian residence because of child's disability

The Barlagnes moved to Montreal from the French island of Guadeloupe five years ago with their daughter Rachel, who has cerebral palsy and is now seven, and another child. They are considering appealing a court decision that refuses them permanent residence is Canada because Rachel is disabled. The child supposedly "constitutes an excessive demand" on the social services resources of the province. "This is always difficult to bear, that your child is a burden," said the family's family, Minson. "The child you love, the child you find wonderful — and there is a government that tells you your child is a burden to our society."

This case clearly illustrates discriminatory understandings of people with disabilities - as "burdens to our society".  This also highlights obviously discriminatory immigration policy. We separate those who can become permanent Canadian residents from those who can't by their ability.

Read the story on CBC here.