Feminist news from around the net

Police failed to notify the people living at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa of the two sexual assaults last week. Unfortunately, such failures by the police are not uncommon: Last summer, we faced a similar problem here in Edmonton. As preliminary voting on the issue moves forward, the French president and his supporters are still claiming that a ban on face-covering veils in France would be made in the name of gender equality. As we've discussed on the show before, limiting women's options removes their agency and freedom of choice rather than providing any real progress on women's rights. While the topic of Muslim veils should of course be discussed, those discussions should be lead by and for Muslim women and include space for personal agency.

The Globe and Mail has an article up on abortion in Africa - the lives lost by illegal abortions, and the improvement that could be made by providing a safe alternative.

An Alberta women is still fighting a legal battle after being discriminated and abused by her employer two decades ago.