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It's Not About Me - "Never assume. First rule of life. If you meet me, don’t assume that just beacuse I have a daughter, I think I’m entitled to control her body. Don’t assume that I abandoned my opposition to parental notification laws. Don’t assume that I think I will know about everything she does as a teenager. Don’t assume that my knowing is more important than her safety."

Young children feel pressure to have perfect body: Study - "According to the findings by Harvard University and University of Alberta researchers, prepubescent boys are just as likely to be dissatisfied with their weight as girls — and both feel pressure to have a perfect body."

A defense of Betty Draper - "But I do believe we’re supposed to assume that Betty is sophisticated. The character is a refutation of the “Leave It To Beaver” portrayal of housewives, and closer to Betty Friedan’s portrayal of women of her age and class as highly educated and bored. (I don’t think the similar names are a coincidence.) In fact, I would argue that the dark joke of the show is that Don keeps cheating on Betty with intelligent, sophisticated women, and he doesn’t realize that Betty would be the kind of woman he finds exciting if he didn’t oppress her and make her feel small all the time."

Tim Wise on CNN - "What’s important to understand is that this isn’t a matter of awkwardness based in unexamined privilege or unintentional racism. Those are the occasions, I suspect, that make people uneasy to use the word “racist”. The people here are, as Wise explains, are working under old-fashioned, obvious prejudicial beliefs. The one he names is “hard-working whites” vs. “lazy blacks”, and again, that they’re smart enough to try to dance around the issue to the cameras doesn’t mean that this stuff doesn’t come out in research or just when you’re a white person who gets behind closed doors with these folks. "

In Defense of Privilege - Bitch PhD on the death of Ted Kennedy: "Therein lies the strength of true liberalism, I think. And the defense, if defense is needed, of "liberal elites" as such. The privilege of the elite can and should be the privilege of working to lift others. This used to be what "condescension" meant; now, of course, it means pretending to be polite while subtly asserting one's own superiority. That's not what I'm talking about, and I think that genuine liberalism absolutely abhors that kind of patronizing bullshit."

Check out this great discussion on tattoos at Female Impersonator: Inked: Where are the Ladies? (Part one) and Inked: "She's got a tattoo.Look at that tattoo." (Part two)

Sisters under scrutiny: the state of nuns in the United States - The Vatican has announced an "apostolic visitation" to the US. "But no sooner was the investigation announced than the accusations began to fly that the Vatican had an ulterior motive: it was using the apostolic visitation to bring to heel those nuns who had broken with tradition — those who no longer wear the habit and eschew the semi-cloistered community to live alone."

When You Marry: Love, 1962 American High School Style. So. Awesome.