Feminist Media Medley

On this episode of Adamant Eve, we turn our female gaze onto the world of media. First up, we take on Hollywood's latest woman centred offering, The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz & Leslie Mann. Then, a closer examination of women in the Fourth Estate as we interview Emma Kent, a University of Alberta graduate, who conducted a project on the impact of gender in war zone reporting. Finally, we resurrect our feminist music feature, Radio Eve! Stay tuned. 

The Good Girl

Ever get that icky feeling when you hear the phrase 'She's a good girl.' It can be a discomforting experience being singled out with a phrase usually reserved for a pet. So why are we hearing it more and more in popular culture? On this week's episode, CJSR producer Lisa Pruden explores why that's so significant. Then later, Brenna Ward talks about how feminists are acting to re-appropriate girlhood.