A Good Day's Work

The Milkman cometh, and then disappears completely . On this week's episode of the CJSR Edition, author and journalist John DeMont distills some essence of what it means to be a Canadian today by describing the experience of people who continue to make their living in vanishing vocations. His newest book A Good Day's Work: In Pursuit of a Dissapearing Canada is available now. 

Then later in the program, we take a trip into the subconcious of Edmonton illustrator Jill Stanton. Her newest installation, 'Strange Dream' is on exhibit now at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

But first, Dan Scratch, a social studies teacher at Edmonton's Inner City High School talks about how social justice education can blaze a path towards helping our city's most at-risk youth.

Just Education

In a world riddled with injustice, how can society's most marginalized individuals reconcile the wrongs that they've faced all their lives?

Dan Scratch belives that the answer lies in education. A social studies teacher at Edmonton's Inner City High School — a non-profit organization providing education for high risk youth — Scratch uses education as a tool to empower youth to understand and participate in the world around them. It's only then that at-risk students can begin to heal their wounds and create a better world for themselves and their peers.

The Right Honourable Joe Clark Takes The Lead

It took Joe Clark just 39 years to get into the Prime Minister’s Office. He was, and still is the youngest Prime Minister in Canadian history. It was June of 1979. Things were looking good for the honest to goodness politician from High River, Alberta.

But before Joe Clark could say Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, his party was ejected from Parliament. A budget bill calling for short term pain for long term gain was voted down, and March 3rd, 273 days after he took office, an eviction notice arrived to 24 Sussex Drive.

On this week’s episode of The CJSR Edition, 33 years after he vacated the PM's chair, The Right Honourable Joe Clark sits down in the CJSR studios for an extended interview.

But first, in preparation for his interview, our News Director Matt Hirji enlisted the help of two political scientists, Steve Patten and Joseph Ahorro to help understand Joe Clark's political career.

Want to know even more about Joe Clark? His newest book 'How We Lead: Canada in a Century of Change' is available now.

Working the Dead Beat

Is there life after death? We interview Sandra Martin, the obituary columnist at the Globe and Mail and author of Working the Dead Beat, a fascinating look into the lives of Canadian heroes, villains, and icons who died in the first decade of the 2000s. Take a listen to how Martin spins life out of death, and the meticulous process of recording, refining, and remembering those no longer with us.