The Psychology of Charity

For 5 nights, March 9 - 13, 7 business students spent their nights outside, forgoing shelter, and omitting luxuries from their lives like cell phones, while still attending class, to raise awareness about youth homelessness and to raise money for YESS - Youth Empowerment and Support Services, a city organization that provides shelter for youth on the streets.

Their highly successful campaign raised over $55,000 for YESS, and got us thinking about what makes some fundraising campaigns successful, and why people are compelled to give.  Join us as we delve into the science behind giving!

Reconciliation at Grandin Station

On March 27 - 30, the Truth and Reconciliation concludes its journey with its final national event here in Edmonton, held in the Shaw Conference Centre. However, the process of reconciling our history as Albertans is ongoing.

One example is the unveiling of a new mural at the Grandin LRT Station on March 21st as a response to the controversial one that has been in place since 1989. The new mural is a joint collaboration between First Nations Metis artist Aaron Paquette, and original mural artist, Sylvie Nadeau. They hope their collaboration serves as an inspiration for more openness, dialogue, and understanding regarding a dark chapter of our collective histories.

Inner City Immersion

Have you ever stopped for a moment to have an honest conversation with a person experiencing homelessness? What would you talk about? What could you learn about the struggles that he faces living on the streets, trying to piece his life together?

A few weeks ago CJSR producer Karen Fraser spent a weekend in Edmonton's inner city, at the drop-in centres, and on the streets to experience what life is like living on the streets. This the audio diary of her experience.