Moving Radio: Spotlight on Canadian Cinema

To start the episode, an interview with filmmaker (and CJSR DJ!) Parker Thiessen. He won the Spirit of FAVA award this year and has a new short film coming out. Next up, we highlight the July 4th special screening at Metro Cinema, "When I Walk". This documentary won Best Canadian Documentary at Toronto's Hot Docs Film Festival, and we talk to director Jason DaSilva about sharing his life, particularly living with multiple sclerosis, on film. 

Moving Radio: Gotta Minute (or 30) for Pride & Labour?

The Gotta Minute Film Festival will be playing at an LRT screen near you in September and we'll talk to Beth Wishart MacKenzie about how you can submit your own film! "Survival of the Fabulous" played at Metro Cinema for Pride Week on June 12 - you can stream it online at the CBC - and we sit down with it's director, Bryan Sage. Next up, "Inequality for All", about the growing inequality gap between rich and poor featuring Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labour under the Clinton administration, plays on June 19 for Labour Film Night at Metro Cinema, and we sit down with director Jacob Kornbluth.

Rise Up! Temporary Foreign Worker Moratorium

There are currently 70,000 Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta that work in various sectors, including the food industry. On April 24, the federal government announced a moratorium on temporary foreign workers in the food industry. On this episode of Rise Up!, we interview Marco Luciano, Secretary General of Migrante Canada and a coordinator of the Alberta Chapter, to further discuss the moratorium placed on temporary foreign workers in the food industry and future directions. 

In addition, check out this link that petitions Minister Jason Kenney to exclude temporary foreign workers who are already in Canada from the moratorium.